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DCS Server Tracker (DCST) is a tool that allows you to keep track of DCS World online servers. It tracks the servers, the number of players and which scenarios are played on them and tries to present all the information gathered in something that is easy to see at a glance.


Made using the following tools:

Questions? Bugs? Contribute? Run your own instance? Check this out at GitHub.


  • Go Serverless by have flat HTML/JS files in S3 to query API-Gateway/Lambda functions for similar functionality
  • Have a dedicated server detector running. (No idea how to do this...)
  • Make it possible to search servers

Wanted: I am looking for a Dutch/EU clan/community to fly with in the evenings. The play-style I am looking for is in between casual and serious. Require SRS? πŸ‘Yes! Player controlled tower and AWACS (through LotATC or something)? No thanks! 😘. You can find me on The Shooting Range Discord server.



2019-09-16: Improving one line at the time!

  • MySQL queries go through redis now to improve query speed.

2019-09-15: Lets try again..

  • Replaced DynamoDB and memcached in favour of redis.
  • Dumped all the MySQL related queries into a function. Makes it SLOW AF. But should cause less trouble in the long run.

2019-03-16: I needed a global CDN for this?

  • Show country-flags of where the servers are hosted.
  • Cached IP->Country results into memcached

2019-03-15: The great "What is sleep?" rewrite!

  • Rewrote and relaunched the application
  • Moved server-data to MySQL from DynamoDB
  • Moved session-data to MySQL for later processing
  • Moved player-data to MySQL for later processing

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